Galaxy Margarita?

We all know crazy blue foods and drinks are so much more fun than the regular colored versions.

Lately, G and I have found ourselves obsessed with blue margaritas.


However, I personally haven’t seen them on a menu at any place I’ve hung out at lately.

So G and I got creative.


The bartender is your best friend! Just ask them to add blue curacao to your regular margarita. The orange liquor will add a little extra to the taste. While the blue margarita is a little more fruity than the regular lime tequila version , it is not as annoyingly sweet as a strawberry margarita.

If you are mixing the blue galaxy margaritas at home, be careful with your choice of curacao. The cheaper, the sweeter they get! I like my drinks rather dry.

IMG_9423 (1).JPG

The Boat Basin in Riverside Park is one of my favorite places for margaritas in New York.

IMG_9424 (1)

The best thing about the Boat Basin is that this little monster can join us! The staff is super dog friendly; they will cater your little buddies with water and treats.

So this one loooves the Basin just as much as I do.

IMG_9425 (1)

The basin is open from spring to fall. The menu is basic but on weekends they often have delicious specials such as crawfish or clams in butter beer broth…


Shop the Outfit

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