Becoming a New Yorker

There are different theories about when a person turns from ordinary into a New Yorker. Some say, after ten years in the city you can call yourself officially a New Yorker.

I personally think the measurement is more of qualitative than quantitative nature. But what do I know? I’m still undergoing the transformation myself .

I have created a checklist anyway. You will find most points to be an exaggeration but if you find yourself knowing what I’m talking about, you are definitely a New Yorker!

image1 (1)

1. You think a $15 drink is a reasonably priced drink.

Old New Yorkers will disagree with you about this point as they have seen New York’s cheap days. However, it seems this has become the price standard at a lot of bars. You know you are onto something special if you pay under $10 for a cocktail.

image1 (2)

2. You know which subway car is the hot one even before you get on.

3. You go out for every meal.

True story!

image2 (1)

4. Brunch is the most important meal of your day.


5. You know which food trucks have better tacos than any restaurant in the city.

Hint: Try Christopher Street and get into the line for Big Gay Ice Cream  right after.


6. You know the difference between authentic Italian pizza and its American version.

This is especially true for all Americans moving into the city.

7. You know Time Square is for tourists.

No one ever goes there unless forced to.


8. Summer season means rooftop season to you.

9. You get a Manicure every week.

I have noticed New Yorker women have the best ones in the world; hands down.


And 10. sadly, you have become a New Yorker if you have seen:

A. Someone urinate in public

B. …or worse

C. someone masturbate in public.

Or just to make sure all 3.



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